Wednesday, 22 December 2010

(Almost) Black Books

While in Edinburgh last week, the Manbeast and I quite literally stumbled into our new favourite bookshop. Shelves laboured under the weight of dusty tomes, while every available inch of wall was covered in pithy life lessons.

Suffice to say that the both of us left that warm, magical cave with happy hearts, light wallets and heavy arms from buying too many books. 

Armchair Books, Edinburgh


  1. I am interested in <3 erotica <3

  2. hahaha this place looks amazing! I love those signs. I really want to go to Edinburg and this has tipped it over the edge. I must pay a bvisit to this bookshop.

    Thank you very much for your carboot advice many months ago by the way. I'm afraid I have been a very busy person and have only just got round to replying!

  3. Hey Clare! Yes, do go to Edinburgh if you have the chance, it is beautiful, and I could have spent hours in this bookshop if we weren't already running out of money. Hope you've had a chance to check out that carboot sale, I think it's one of my favourites.