Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Field Of Flowers - Highwaisted Shorts

You may have caught a glimpse of these shorts a couple of weeks ago in my post about inserting a fly front zipper. Well, they're finally ready, and I think they turned out alright, if a bit crumpled. 
Inexpensive pillowcases and sheets from the op-shops are perfect for testing out new techniques, especially if it's one you think you may muck up. The fly front zipper adds a slightly more professional look to handmade shorts. 
The self-drafted pattern was inspired by a couple of other shorts and a pair of jeans I like wearing. I wanted something slightly highwaisted so others would be spared the sight of my bum when I bent over, and it had to be comfortable without being baggy. Darts were added to give some shaping, and I finished the waist with a facing for a sleeker look. 

I'm actually pretty pleased with the end result - it's got a bit of a bit of a 1950s rock'n'roll vibe to it. Who's ready to dance-fight me? They are immensely comfortable and I can spend all day in them, but they look structured enough that others don't think I'm wearing my PJs in public. In fact, I was so excited with how they turned out that I ended up making another pair, in the same fabric but with a waistband instead of facing, that I will put into the Etsy shop soon. 
Silk blouse - op-shop, shorts - selfmade, necklace - op-shop, tights - supermarket, shoes - Broadway Shopping Centre


  1. You know I have no idea how to do a fly front zipper! I've been avoiding it my whole sewing life. It looks soooo haarrrdddd!! Perhaps I should just give it a go. Great job.

  2. Yeah fly front zippers look soooo scary, don't they? I think the best thing to do is just to practice on some cheap/scrap fabric until you think you've got it. The Sandra Betzina video makes it look really simple. Good luck with it :)

  3. Nice shorts. I love your supermarket shoes, too!

  4. Thanks Ai! Buying shoes makes grocery shopping much more fun!