Thursday, 1 January 2009

Dyslexic Santa

What do you do with a discounted, build-it-yourself gingerhouse house kit from Kfart? Well, you can always make a gingerbread house for New Year's Eve...

The kit came with a bag of 'Royal Icing' mixture, and also 'The Best Piping Bag In the World' - which Goggy and I got pretty damned excited about. It turned out to be an above average piping bag.
To get the lovely pyschedelic colours of our icing, just add some pink and blue dye after you've spooned the icing into the piping bag. That way, the colours don't get to mix together evenly and you get swirly bits of colour.
We also added a touch too much water plus it was a stinking hot day, which is why the icing turned out slightly goopy. Try not to let a dyslexic get their hands on the piping bag though, they might end up misspelling 'Santa'.
Make sure to decorate the outside of the house with all of the hundreds-and-thousands and Smarties provided with the kit.
Happy 1976, everybody!

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