Friday, 9 January 2009

UV Cupcakes

Another week, another batch of luridly coloured cakes.
Googy and I bought a packet of butter-cake mix from Frankies and a whole bag of icing sugar, in an ill-thought-out attempt to satisfy sugar cravings.
We put a tin of strawberries in with the cake mixture, which turned the cakes a delightful pink colour. But that obviously wasn't colourful enough, so we ended up making three batches of icing, mixing them all together, and piping them onto the cakes (this is where The Best Piping Bag In The World came in handy again).
The fact that we ended up with more icing mixture than cake mixture should have been a warning to us, but we piped pretty much all the icing onto the cakes anyway. And ended up with icing than tasted like sugary toothpaste on top of barely-there cupcakes.
At least they looked lovely and colourful, even if they didn't taste that great. The icing didn't glow as much under our UV lights as we thought they would, though.

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