Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Finally, Some Crochet...

Alright...confession time. Since I came back to Sydney, the weather's been way too hot for me to want to sit under a pile of wool, making warm winter wear. So I've mostly refrained. I'm most definitely not a warm weather person.

But I did manage to crochet a few items in the week that I was in Melbourne. All I can say is...thank goodness for air-conditioning. Sure, it's not that good for the environment, but when you're baking in a 40 degree room, it's very pleasant.

I found out (while enjoying the air-conditioned comfort) that both my cousins had got into crochet and knitting, thanks to a book that they received for Christmas a year ago. I promptly commandeered a crochet hook and some wool and proceeded to make them beanies. Very simple but very well received. It also didn't hurt that they thought I was a 'genius' because of how even my stitches were.

Trying on Shannon's beanie for size before I gave it to him. (Sorry about the fairly Myspace-esque pose, it's hard to take a good photo of the side of your head when there's no one else around to help.) Compared to a 12-year-old, I have a giant head.
Shannon was pleased with the finished product, even though he'll have to wait at least 4 months before he wears it if he doesn't fancy giving himself brain damage.
Belinda loved hers too, and the fact that I made it in her favourite colour, burgundy. I didn't know it was her favourite colour at that time, it was just the one of the colours that my sister had in her stash.
At least I seem to have a couple of fans now.

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