Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Great Unwashed Issue 9: You've All Misunderestimated Me...

The latest issue of our zine The Great Unwashed is out now! And this time, it's all in colour! Every single page of the gaddammed thing! (Thanks for having an office job, Googy.) Get your next fix of tard-core from us right now! It's our 9th issue, and the copies of the first eight issues are still available too. There's also a very special Steven Seagal secret-edition available (thanks to Oly). Look out for that on bus-stops and random dark corners.

As usual, the zine has been lovingly hand-put together using coloured markers, scissors, typewriters, and lots and lots of sticky tape, before being sent for photocopying.

All the usual goodies are in there:
- Centrefold
- Dolly Doctor
- Coaster Art
- lots of articles
- things to do with ponies
- random drawings
The colouring-in competition is back too. Just colour in the picture we've placed in the zine and send it back to us. Our favourite image will win a very , erm, unique gift - The Spam, Jam and Easy-Off Bam-per. There's a can of Spam, a jar of jam of your choice, and of course, a bottle of Easy-Off Bam! For those stubborn stains...

Email us at: fotocollective@hotmail.com or check our Myspace out at: The Great Unwashed .
We'll be selling the zines at markets and Fag Panic gigs for $5 a copy. And if you're really nice to us, we might even throw in a free copy of the Steven Seagal mini-zine. Don't tell me that doesn't get get your heart pumping just a little bit faster...

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