Monday, 15 December 2008


The Moebius scarf finally came off my needles last night. I started it months ago, using yarn scraps, knitting it during the spare times at work (guess it's lucky that I had a lot of spare time when I was supposed to be working).
Seeing as it was my last day at the hostel yesterday, I thought it fitting that the scarf should be finished around the same time too. A stripey, woolly reminder of those many, many dead hours spent waiting for smelly touros to check-in. So I did a couple more rows then cast off just before bedtime.

It'd been cast off right before this photo was taken, hence the unruly bits at the bottom.

The Moebius scarf is, of course, based on the Moebius strip (named after August Ferdinand Moebius). A simple model can be made by giving a strip of paper a half-twist, then taping the ends together. The simplest way to make a Moebius scarf would therefore be to knit a straight scarf, then giving the scarf a half-twist before knitting the ends together. Voila! Moebius scarf!
But I get bored easily when knitting scarves, so I looked for other methods. I wanted to knit using circular needles, and found these instructions for knitting a Moebius scarf in the round.
It actually took me a couple of tries to get the first few steps right, but then, I'm not the best at following instructions. Finally got it though, and it's just like normal circular knitting. Except with twisted needles.

Finished product, ends tucked in. Success!

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