Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Time Lords and Berries

Weather like this means it's beanie time!
Watch out for a newie coming soon, done up in a bell and berry stitch.

I found a Paton's Woolcraft booklet in the op-shop a couple months ago, and have been dipping in every now and then for new stitches. A girl on the Tube the other day had on a beanie with this stitch, and it looked nice and fluffy, which made me decide to try it out. That, and the fact that I like giggling at the typo - "Bell and Berry Stit". Not very mature, but I get my laughs wherever I can.

I know I said scarves bore me in my last posting, but I've secretly been working on a long stripey scarf based on Tom Baker's scarf during his incarnation as the Time Lord.
It's done in an idiot proof garter stitch and means I can knit it without looking at it while watching old episodes of...Dr. Who. It's progressed a fair amount in a couple of hours.

And in my defence, the scarf will end up a present for a massive Dr. Who fanboy.

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