Wednesday, 17 December 2008


I woke up super-excited this morning. It was beautifully clear and sunny. And best of all - my Curlypoppet will be arriving in London tonight and we'll get to have international Bike Gang and Pony Club times for the next few days!

Despite all my good intentions though, apathy soon set in during breakfast. I blame it all on last night's dinner.
All that food that you see there was just for the two of us. What you don't see, is the other plate of ten huge dumplings that we'd already wolfed down. Really, who needs 20 dumplings, a huge bowl of noodles with soup, and another huge plate of noodles?
Tasty though. But it did make me want to throw up a little on the way home just so I didn't feel so completely filled up. Throwing up would probably have been an excellent idea though. I'm ashamed to say I couldn't finish my plate of Xinjiang noodles with soup so I had to take the rest of it home. But at least I got to relive the tastiness all over again.
I've been to that restaurant (which I'm pretty sure is just called 'Xinjiang Chinese Restaurant') twice now, and both times, I can't believe how they're just not completely packed out. It's one of the tastiest (and cheapest) places I've found so far, and the food's pretty damnned authentic, except for not being totally covered in a thick layer of grease like in most Central Asian truck-stops. Maybe that's a good thing - it means I'll always be guranteed a spot straightaway without having to wait or share a table.

Sorry about the lack of knitting postage today. I'm just too apathetic. I'm just going to lie down in my pink leopard-print dressing gown now...

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