Saturday, 20 February 2010

Automatic Shoes

I'm sooooo bad with getting my film developed once I'm through with a roll. There are about 12 more rolls from months ago, just hiding around my room. These ones here are from a couple of rolls from last October/November that I just got around to scanning in last night.

They were taken with a Miranda SL-X, which is a point and shoot with inbuilt flash. I'm not sure if this was really made by Miranda, or if they just licensed the name to some other company. There's a line on the bottom that says 'Made In Hong Kong', and I bought it in off eBay, in a job lot with 3 other cameras (I spend my free time on Ebay buying old cameras and bias binding, I am soooo cool!). I found the flash too harsh, so I've taped it over with a bit of masking tape in a low-tech attempt to 'soften' it. It's got a fairly crappy, plastic, fixed focus (f4.5, 34mm, for those who need to know) lens, and a lowlight sensor that deploys the flash when the camera thinks the scene is too dark. You need to load it up with two AA batteries before use; that powers the internal motor which winds the film on.

All in all, it's a fairly dodgy but idiotproof camera, and I love the fuzziness of the images I get from it. It's a lot easier taking 'drive-by'-type photos with this, than my larger Canon SLR. Other photographers may sneer, but I'm not too fussed about getting technically perfect, super clean photos from my cameras, so this suits me well. Anyway, I did spend most of my time in SCA messing around with homemade pinhole cameras and scratching my negatives on purpose, so this is sort of a step up, in a way. 


  1. I love the ivy climber picture and the last one with the brick and the leaves. VERY cool effects!

  2. It's all thanks to that crappy plastic lens ;)