Monday, 22 February 2010

Eat Your Heart Out

Some cupcakes I whipped up for a dinner party last night. The recipe comes via The Times website, and was contributed by Konditor and Cook. I first tasted the professionally baked version in January, when my friend H ordered the lemon chiffon cake for his birthday lunch. Though we all agreed that it was slightly too sweet, it was fairly enjoyable. When H let on that the recipe was available on The Times website, I mentally filed it away for future reference, then promptly forgot all about it (my brain is as messy as my room).

Anyway, I took the opportunity to try it out for myself yesterday, mainly because I wanted to see if I could make my version fancier than the K&C one, and also because we were going to bring a cake along to the dinner party anyway. I absolutely loathe storebought, fondant-covered birthday cakes, so tried to make mine as festival as possible, in honour of the host's birthday last Thursday. 

The recipe is fairly basic, although I had to make a few tweaks to the frosting, which still turned out far too sweet anyway. I added lime zest and the juice of about a quarter lemon to it for a stronger flavour, and also added a little bit of green food colouring to it, mainly because I liked it. The frosting was topped off with pieces of lime and lemon peel for a more colourful look. My frosting was also made with a 50-50 mixture of mascarpone and cream cheese, as I feel that mascarpone adds a creamier texture to it. And because I just like mascarpone. Oh, and I left out about 100gms of the recommended 640gms of icing sugar, since it was already toothachingly sweet. 

Let me know what you think if you do try this recipe.

On an unrelated note, look what I got in the mail from Sunny - sexy little porno earrings! She has lots more vintage porn jewellery in her Etsy shop, so I'd recommend you checking it out if you're feelin' naughty.

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