Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Happy Birthday To...Me?

Well, it's not my real birthday, but I had at look at my Etsy shop and it turns out that my partner-in-crime Googy and I set it up nearly a year ago! Things have been chugging along slowly but fairly steadily since then, and I've been having lots of fun making things and pretending I own a shop. 
Anyway, because we've made it this fair (I'm surprised, and frankly, touched that people have been shelling out for some of my creations) Googy and I have put everything in the shop on sale. Everything in the Bobbie and Lola shop is currently 10% off, and if you read our shop announcement carefully, you'll be able to find out how to get another 10% off! That's right, reading is useful sometimes - your eyes may lead to you a 20% off sale if you're lucky. Sure, we're no Alexander McQueen, but give us time and we just may be able to produce some crazyawesome hoof-shoes too!
In the meantime, we're updating the shop with new pouches and other items, and they will all be 10% off too. Click on the photos to take you direct to the item in the shop if anything catches your fancy.

News just in! The wristlet up top has just been featured in a treasury along lots of other lovely items. Wee!


  1. Treasuries!! YES! Congratumalations! Take screen shots before it disappears.

    I also enjoy pretending I own a shop. I'm still mad with my dad for not coming through with my Nabootique. After it was HIS suggestion. Guh. Anyway, one day we should open a shop on King St and have tea parties in costumes while staring down our customers.

    Hmm I wonder if I could convince him to give it a go again...

  2. Gah, I would totally 'work' in your Nabootique and stare down all those we deem unworthy! I'm practising my staring down technique as we speak...

  3. weee... I like a good sale! Thanks!