Tuesday, 19 October 2010

An Exchange

Ai of the delicious blog it will stop raining put out a call a few weeks ago about having a food swap. Having been a fan of the blog for a while, I was only too glad to take part in it and send her a package. This was the package I received from her on Saturday.
 Hello Kitty stamp! And that cute little bumblebee-dude on the right is just so happy!
 This photo is making me want an ice-cream so badly - who cares if it's freezing over here right now?!
 Goodies - chocolate biscuits, shiruko biscuits, and grape flavoured chewing gum.
 My favourite flavour of gum, and pretty much the only flavour I'll eat (I'll take apple flavoured gum too).
The shiruko biscuits come individually packaged. Inside each one is a sweet cracker, with a layer of red bean sandwiched inside. They are so delicious and more-ish, but I'm trying to ration them so they last longer.