Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Fresh Colours

Recently completed wearables - a waistcoat and a turban. The waistcoat was inspired by a £5 sparkly, sequinned one I bought last winter. 

The shiny sides and back were cut from an awesome shiny, metallic peach curtain, with a sort of woodgrain pattern running through it. I'd love to have seen the house that curtain was originally hung in. The fabric for the herringbone patterned lapel sections come from a duvet that was clearly a casualty of the 80s - black and white with bright red borders around. I had to grab it as soon as I saw it in the op-shop, because it reminded me of the twins Heather and Erica from Degrassi, and their penchant for black and white ensembles. 

So there you have it, a Degrassi inspired waistcoat - going into the Etsy shop soon. 

That turban I was working on a couple weeks ago is finally finished too. It's based on a 1940s pattern from the V&A archives, and actually knits up fairly quickly. Remember those colour-blocked Cross Colours jackets and jeans from back in the day? This is the turban tribute to that, because I could never get my parents to get me a proper Cross Colours jacket when I was 11. 

If that cowl looks familiar, it's because it's the Moebius Cowl from about 2 years ago. I'm actually thinking of knitting up another one this winter, but then again, I always get a tad over-ambitious with knitting projects at this time of year, only to run out of steam about 2 weeks later...


  1. mmmkay that turban is killer! it makes me wish i were a knitter! might have to try one out of a knit fabric or maybe crochet in the near future.

    also, DEGRASSI! SO GOOD.

  2. P.S. your photo is freaking me out because you look exactly like my grandma.

  3. Emily - thanks! I think it'd be pretty easier sewing one out of knit fabric, it's a basic cap shape with a loop to go round your head. I might give it a go too!

    Sunnnnneh! - Your grandma looks like she's in her mid-20s? Damn those Asian genes are awesome!